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Virgo Love Compatibility

This offers personal insight into you and your relationship that you can understand by no other means. In fact, her sense of duty to her world as well as her lover is top priority more than anything else. In addition, be organized, take care of yourself, and show your self-confidence, because if you do, it will inspire her to do the same. For a Virgo male , he is very sensitive to the world around him. If someone hurts his friends or him, he will sometimes hold back his feelings and brood because he wants to keep an heir of decorum in the atmosphere. So, as your lady love, it is best to build up his self-esteem and show him the love and respect he deserves.

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Earth and Water are compatible and can go well together as water gives the Earth nourishment. However, Cancer men are emotional and moody which will drive the cool Virgo woman crazy. Yet Cancer will see the Virgo female as cold and detached. If they can be patient and understanding with one another they can get along because they are devoted, hard working and intuitive. He might find her dull because he likes adventure and attention.

She can also seem cruel and critical so she has to be careful. Leo men also take charge in bed and the Virgo woman will enjoy that for she likes to be submissive.


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Both are loyal and devoted so if they can compromise, this love compatibility might work especially in bed! Try The Quiz Now!! But is this too much of a good thing?

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They are both stubborn perfectionists, so it can be a long time before a simple argument comes to an end. But they want the same things from life.

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Both enjoy quiet evenings alone together. As long as they can learn to resolve their issues they can enjoy a long happy family life together. Test Now! So the Libra man will probably be the one to make the first move. Once the Virgo decides something she sticks with it yet the Libra is indecisive and has to weigh all sides of an issue. But Earth and Water compatibility can sometimes be a good match if Scorpio can learn to slow down a bit.

She may think him irresponsible while he will think she is boring. It will take a lot of work for these two to compromise and makes their relationship work long-term. Both are Earth signs so they are grounded and cautious.

What Is Most Attractive To Virgos?

While there is no surprises with these two sun signs and others may find their relationship boring, the Virgo girl and Capricorn boy will be perfectly happy. This is true in and outside of the bedroom.

Leo & Virgo: Love Compatibility

There will be no games or fooling around. But the astrology compatibility between them is comfortable and they will lead a successful life together. She is quiet and down-to-earth while he is loud and active.